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Top 5 Reasons NOT to hire a Professional Organizer

As a Professional Organizer, I often hear about how someone could really use my services.  But in the end, they are hesitant to actually set up a consultation to see if they really do need me.  So in today’s blog, I want to address the

Top 5 Reasons NOT to hire a Professional Organizer.

1.  ShameWhat will they think of my house?

First I want to say that I’m not in the business to judge you or your home.  

I am in the business to help you make your spaces work for you.  We have done jobs from a total hoard with bedbugs, to a desk with three stacks of papers.  In both cases, these people needed someone to help keep them on course.  

2.  Fear of being judged for the mess.

Again.  I’m not here to judge the mess.  I’m here to help you discover why the mess keeps happening. Giving you insight and suggestions of how to change the space and the actions to keep it organized for your lifestyle.

3.  Embarrassment. How would I let it get this bad?

The reality here is that everyone has some aspect of their lives that they feel is out of control.  Even that mom who seems to have everything together.  

They are embarrassed that it’s that out of control, or that they don’t seem to be able to find the time to stay on top of it.  

Again I’m here to help.  With a few suggestions and a good organization session, you can be back in control with nothing to be embarrassed about.

4.  Self-Shame.  I should be able to do this myself.

We all like to think we have to be Supermom or Superdad.  That we should have it all under control, and if we don’t we have failed.  Then the self-talk and shaming starts.  

Would you let someone else talk to you like you do to yourself when you look at a disorganized area of your life?  

Then why do you let yourself do it?  Organization is not something you are born with.  It is a learned skill.  You don’t expect a 4-year-old to suddenly know how to read a book.  They are taught.  It’s the same thing with organization.

5.  Denial.  Maybe it’s not so bad.

After a long period of time living in disorganization, some people become blind to the problem.  Their families make snide little remarks which they ignore.  

They just don’t see the problem.  The simple fact that you are reading this blog, gives me the idea that you may have an area that you feel needs to be better organized.  

Professional Organizers have skills and insights into why disorganization happens in our lives.  

We also have a whole array of solutions that could work for you, your space and your family.  Our goal above all is to help You reach the solutions that work for you.  

Professional Organizers can:

  • Be there to help sort and organize.
  • Help you keep focused on the goal.
  • Give suggestions of organizations that could use your extra items
  • In large projects, we can organize all the people and services needed to give you the desired goal of organization.


Canadian Organizers Group is here to help.  Services start at $200 depending on just what you need.

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