peaceful places

We all need peaceful places

We all have busy lives.  Often we let this busy time take control of everything, even our homes.

The clutter builds up, disorganization takes over, and a feeling of being overwhelmed sets in.  Our homes should be there to help us refresh and recharge after a busy day. Our peaceful place.

So let’s take a step back and ask ourselves a question.

What does your home say to you when you come home every night?

Are you relaxed or are you stressed due to the pile of coats and boots that seem to multiply every time you leave?

Do you have a plan for supper?  Or did you forget to get something out of the freezer so now you need to order pizza.

Do you have vision for your home?

Do you want a place that is relaxing and organized?  It can be done with a little planning.

Start at the door:

Look at the lighting.  Is it inviting?  Softer and warmer lights help to welcome.

Organize the clutter.

Use a bench to provide storage and a place to up on your shoes.

Use a mat with a liner to catch the water from your boots.

Don’t forget to provide room for visitors coats and boots.

Plan ahead for Dinner:

Take time on the weekend to prep dinners for the week.

Once you have a menu in mind you will be able to better shop for the week.  Saving time by reducing those “I forgot we were out of such and such for dinner.  So I need to stop at the store.” Picture kids rolling eyes in back of your car now.

I know it’s easy to say it but how do you find the time?  You don’t find the time, you take the time.

Once you have done the shopping do the prep work.  Gather everyone in the kitchen even the little ones can focus long enough to help make meals.  Work together as a family.

You can easily put together 3 meals into action within an hour if you’re really pressed for time.

Have one meal going on the stove top, one in the oven and one in the crockpot.

Vegetables can be prepped for the week and bagged.

You can find all sorts of recipes online if your needing inspiration.

Tackle the Laundry:

You have 7 days in the week and there is no law that says you have to use your whole weekend to catch up on the laundry.

If your kids are old enough they can help by putting in a load in the morning before heading out to school.  When they get home they can help by putting it in the dryer and starting another load if need.

Or if your house is like mine they helped get it all washed and dried but now there is a mountain of baskets that need to be folded and put away.

Use the 10 minute challenge

           Set your timer and push yourself to get as much folded as you can in that 10 minutes.

You will be amazed how much you can do when you set a timer.  After the 10 minutes are up reward yourself.  Read a chapter in that book that just keeps sitting there. Take a walk to unwind or have a cup of your favorite drink.

Tackle one project a night.  In no time you will have a relaxing and inviting home.

Feel you need more help?  Canadian Organizers Group is there to help with projects big and small.