Online Auction

What do you do when you have a whole house to clear out?

But you don’t want to just give/toss away all the stuff?

Do you have a big garage sale?  That takes up a lot of time, doesn’t get much money, and not practical in the cold or rainy weather.

Take a lot of it home with you and try to sell it later?  You will be filling up your own home.

You may not be able to sell it and you will be stuck with unwanted things.

online auction

Here’s what to do:

Call Canadian Organizers Group to book a consultation about your online auction!

This is the best and most secure way to clear out a home that has a lot of good usable stuff.

Everything stays in the home until it is all “sold”.  You don’t have to try to collect money.

You won’t be sitting in your garage.

We provide the security and help the Auction winners to take their new treasures home with them.

Leaving you with only the memories- and some money in your pocket.

Isn’t that a lot easier and faster?

Ask us how an online auction can clear your house!

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