organized for Christmas

How to Get Organized for Christmas

First of all, I am not late with this blog.

I am thinking about next Christmas.

There will be one, and a few minutes now to do a bit of planning, might save you some stress before the next Holiday.

I really like notebooks, paper and pens make me feel like I am accomplishing something.  You may prefer to use a Note taker app on your phone.  What ever work for you, and you have a method to remind yourself to check it.

So, think about this Christmas just past.  How was it?

Did you get a chance to relax and enjoy it?  If you felt as though you didn’t, what would you have wanted to do?

So many of us, mostly women, think we are the ones in charge of everybody getting a holiday.  We do all the cooking and baking.

I had a friend who made an elaborate Gingerbread House every year.  She shopped all over to get fancy and tiny candies to put on it.  She experimented with gingerbread until she had the perfect cookie that would hold up to all the icing, and candy decorations.  Then she decided to share the magic, and held a Gingerbread House decorating party, and told my Daughter.

My Daughter loved the pretty house and wanted to do this as well.  I hated the idea, but didn’t want to crush her Christmas Spirit, so we went to a Gingerbread House Making party.  It took hours, and somehow her house wouldn’t hold together well.

We brought it home carefully, and after she went to bed, I played with the house, trying to at least get the roof to stop falling off.  I scraped off a lot of the icing, and tried to prop it up better, and hoped for the best.

The next morning, we found that our little dog, a Pug named Jessie, had climbed up on  the table and eaten much of the house.  She tried to look innocent, but had a smear of blue icing on top of her head, and cookie crumbs on her face.

My Daughter was crushed.  There wasn’t enough left to make anything.

I felt bad about this, so bought a Gingerbread House kit, and we quickly put that together. It was okay, but not quite the masterpiece we hoped for.

I didn’t even like Gingerbread, nor decorating a house that was going to go stale and be thrown out.  Fortunately, nobody in our house wanted to make one again.

We did enjoy driving around and looking at the decorated houses, so we did that for many years.

What do you enjoy doing?

Write everything you enjoy doing with your family, and also what you enjoy doing on your own.

I always get a book for Christmas, and love to curl up in my favourite chair with a cup of tea, and read.

Gifts.  This subject can be a difficult one for many families.  Not just what to get different people, but how much to spend.

Did you stick to a budget, or did you blow it completely?  What can you do to get back on track?

Do you know why you overspent?

What can you do differently for next year?

I have helped people get a reasonable budget set up, and decide who they will buy things for.  As our families grow, maybe it doesn’t matter that we don’t get a gift for everyone.

Some families have a Secret Santa, and each family member is buying for only one or two people.

The Magic and enjoyment of Christmas isn’t about the presents-

It’s about the gift of your presence in the lives of your family.

If you know you won’t be spending time with family next Christmas, plan now to do something else, so that you have a meaningful holiday.

Start planning to have a celebration, and have time to relax and watch the snow fall.

Let me help you to have a Christmas to enjoy.