How to Ground Yourself, When Everything Seems to be Falling Apart

Does the World seem to be moving faster these days?

 Maybe it’s the time of year, but the days seem to fly by.  My “To Do” list grows ever longer, but my ability to get things done seems to be less.  I feel pressured to get more done,  so I sometimes become pretty harsh with myself.

” I should have started earlier.  I shouldn’t have spent so much time on another project because this one was more important.  I don’t have enough time! I hate being so disorganized.”

We all have the same 24 hours, but sometimes it seems that other people sail through life easily, and with perfectly coordinated clothing, as well.  I’m lucky some days if I have enough clean clothing I can pull out of the laundry basket, without too many wrinkles.

But, I know that some days, I did get everything ready the night before, got out of the house at the time I wanted to, and probably looked well put together.  This might mean that another person looked at me, and thought that I have it all organized.

I wish.

Did you know that most of the thoughts we have today, we had yesterday, and will have tomorrow?  Many of them are quite negative and cause a great deal of stress.  How negative is your mental chatter?

 How can you change this? 
  1.  Notice when this happens. What are you doing when negative thoughts begin?
  2. Say to yourself, “I am thinking this same thing again.  Is it helpful?”
  3. Take a deep, smooth breath, and let that thought go.
  4. Put yourself on an Information Diet to reduce your stress more quickly.

What is an Information Diet?  It has nothing to do with food, so that thought may make you feel less stressed already.

It reduces the noise in your environment and the constant chatter in the background that we think we don’t really pay attention to, but we hear it all the same.

The radio, TV, Internet sites and all the roadside advertising you see as you travel around are all intended to make you think about things you can buy.

At certain times of the year, the constant pressure can be overwhelming.

Instead, listen to music, or a Podcast on a topic you find interesting or entertaining.

Stop listening to the News shows, if there is something you really do need to know, someone will tell you.

If you write yourself “To Do” lists, make sure you book time to read a good book, go for coffee with a friend (not connect by Facebook), meditate,  or have a much-needed nap.  Book this time in, and give it the same importance as your Dental cleaning, or you won’t do it.

Have a Games Night, either for family, or friends, but- don’t clean house first.  This is to relax and refresh yourself, not add “Clean the House” to your “To Do” list.

Light candles instead, more ambiance, less visible dust and clumps of dog hair.

Let me know what tactics you have tried that help you with the stress in your life, I’d love to know!