Ways to Ease Holiday Stress

This time of year, it is easy to get caught up in all the busyness.   Everyone you talk to tells you they are “crazy busy”, and they look frantic.

Your “To Do” List gets longer each day, and you add a few more things to it that you feel you simply must do, and you push away the tiny voice inside that tells you that you are overloaded, and tired.

“It’s okay,” you tell yourself  “I can rest after this next event” or “I just need to get caught up…”

But you don’t.  You add more to your “To Do” list, just a few more things you absolutely have to do…

How many of you have gotten really sick just before Christmas?

I got sick like that, and it stopped all the frantic shopping, cooking, decorating, and, well, everything.  Instead, since we were all sick, we stayed in our pajamas, watched some old movies, made popcorn, and when we were feeling a bit better, we played board games.

One evening, we read jokes to each other from a weird little book my daughter had: “The Ha-Ha Bonk!” book.  The worst jokes ever.  We laughed until our sides hurt.

To this day, this is the Christmas we remember.

Do you remember all the presents you bought and gave away?

Do you remember the ones you were given?

Remember that experiences really can last a lifetime.