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Senior Living: Disorganization

When people come to my house, they expect that everything in it will be perfectly organized, and immaculate.  I wish it were true, but I am not a naturally organized person.  It’s clean-ish, but with three dogs, including a rambunctious puppy, I have a lot of mud and grass tracked in from the yard. I work long hours, and I like to think of myself as a creative person, and have hobbies like sewing, dog grooming, and gardening.

disorganizedThere are hobbies that I thought I would enjoy and buy items for, but either didn’t enjoy them as much as I would have or, in the case of some of my needlework stuff, I just don’t have the eyes for it anymore.  There are still a few petit-point kits, languishing in a box, waiting for me to make a decision about them.

Like many other people, time management is a challenge for me.

Last Tuesday, the garbage was picked up in my neighborhood, same as it is every Tuesday.  I have tried to remember this every Monday evening, but don’t always. It’s routine, right?  I don’t bother to write it on any of my wall or phone calendars because it happens every week at the same time.

The dogs along the alley go nuts barking their heads off as the truck rolls up to their houses.  So do my dogs.  Buster, the puppy, has no idea what is going on, but if the big dogs are doing it, he joins in, barking with great enthusiasm.

I realized I hadn’t put the recycle out, so ran out on the deck to grab the bag.  I dropped it out at the alley just in time to have it picked up.  Great.  Now I could go on to my next important event.  But wait!

I no longer had my keys in my hand.  

I thought I had dropped them in the yard, or on the deck.  Maybe on the floor?  The dogs raced happily around me as I looked.  What a great game for them!

In a minute, I realized the awful truth.  I had dropped them into the recycle bag.

The one that had been picked up, and was now on its way to the recycle depot.

Yes, I had recycled my keys.

My plans for the day changed just like that.  I had a spare set of keys, but I want them to be just a spare set in case of emergencies.(Emergencies like losing my keys, for example.)   So, I had to get copies made of the house keys, but the car has a fancy remote key, and that has to be reprogrammed at the Dealership.  It is also expensive.

My disorganized start to the day cost me about $400.00 in key replacement.

And about 3 hours worth of time. I also found myself feeling frustrated and angry at myself.

After I got my shiny new set of keys and hung the spare keys back in their spot, I got out my phone and wall calendar and entered the dates of all the garbage and recycling pickups for the rest of this year.

Disorganization is a small habit, that leads to another small habit, that leads to lost things, lost time searching for the things and a feeling of frustration.

I may procrastinate, I probably will forget something else of importance, but I won’t be recycling my keys again.

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