decluttering nail care

Decluttering Little Things

Sometimes, decluttering a big project can be overwhelming.

Clearing out the basement or garage, is a daunting task, even when you are rested, have all your equipment in place, and hopefully, your team of eager volunteers.

But there are times when your energy is flagging, or the weather is uncooperative, and you just can’t get going.

Rather than punish yourself for not getting Herculean tasks done, find a couple of little things that can be completed in a short time period.

Recently, I started going through nail stuff.

I had nail polishes from years ago, but I knew they weren’t going to be worn again. They were expensive, so I had kept them until I found a way to use them.  Nobody I knew wanted them, and I kept putting them back in the baskets of nail polish until….

What?  Did they come back in style?  I bought an outfit the same colour, and realized I had to have my nails painted the same to complete the ensemble?

I have clothes, not ensembles, and mostly, I wear whatever happens to be clean-ish.

If I do wear a nice outfit, I generally wear clear polish, because I have short nails due to dog grooming.

So, out they went.

Then I decided to collect all the small things I have had forever for nails,

Nail files, tiny grooming tools, scissors, nail clippers, etc.  Nail stuff was found in almost every drawer in both bathrooms.  I also had packed a bunch in my travel bag, my gym bag, in case I broke a nail while weight lifting, I could quickly repair it.

It was in my purse, my car, my work bag, and so on.  I had no idea how much of this stuff I had collected.

declutterI gathered it all up.

Each item was examined for wear, and to see how many I already had.

Finally, I tossed a bunch of it out and sorted the rest into zippered bags to have small kits for my gym bag, my travel bag, and my basket I keep in the bathroom.

While I was at it,

I also wiped out each bag and basket and found a few new bags I hadn’t used.   I tend to save stuff until I need it for a vague something later.  Well, now, I needed them.

It feels good to be able to tell a guest I have a handy and new nail file for them if they break a finger nail while visiting me.

My current little project

Is to clean out my sewing machine cabinet drawers, which haven’t been done for many years.  Not since the baby was little, and I bought some cute embroidered ducklings for her pajamas.

That project never got done, so I still have the cute ducklings, and can now sew them onto something for my Grandaughter!  Hopefully, I will finish that before she goes to high school.

After that, I have my dog grooming stuff to sort and toss.  I have groomed and shown dogs for over 25 years, and have the ribbons, and the grooming wonders to show for it.

But that is for another day.

These small projects are a kind of trip down Memory lane for me.  I remember when I got the different things, and why I thought it was important at the time.

The brush with the chewed end reminds me of the puppy who wanted a teething toy.

That puppy is ten years old now, but still my favourite guy.

Tell me about a small project you have to do, and what it means to you.