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Senior Living: What’s it worth?

One of the major hurdles for seniors and their families, in downsizing, is clearing away the decades of stuff that has accumulated over the years.  Most homes have things that collect in closets and cupboards, as well as shelves and the clever under-bed storage in plastic bags.   It doesn’t look like a lot, but […]

Senior Living: Social Seniors

There are lots of blogs on seniors.  Some of them are written by seniors.  They have typical themes, and I don’t want to just repeat them, but I don’t want to veer too far away, or I won’t have an audience.  But I also think seniors don’t just sit around the Old Folks home, listening […]

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Seniors and Aging in Place

Those who know me, know I have a long history as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse.  Many of my favourite patients were Geriatric patients.  In the Community, people prefer to be called Seniors, or even Elders, but it all means getting older and more frail. In my neighborhood, there are several seniors, most of whom manage […]