delias journey review

Delia’s Journey the Review

Delia had sold her home with our help.   She was a senior we had moved from her home in the country to a senior’s residence in the city. We had spent nearly four months, off and on, Clearing away clutter, cleaning up, staging the house, finding a realtor, and going back in after the […]

Delia’s Journey Continues

Delia and her dog had moved into a Senior’s Residence and were beginning to settle in and become comfortable with their new routine.  Since all meals were served in a large and sunny dining room, there was no need for her to take any of her cooking and baking supplies.  They would be sold along […]

help clear out stuff


In May, all the trees and flowers burst into bloom and leaf.  The greens look so sharp and clear, as they don’t look at any other time of year. Delia’s house was ready for sale. The Realtor was happy with the way it presented itself.  Outside, it was tidy, with mowed grass, pretty flowers on […]