Organize While You Repair Your Home

It’s so windy and pouring rain, I can’t walk the dogs.  They aren’t happy about this, so come to me every 5 minutes to see if I have changed my mind, and are sad and disappointed to find that I still won’t go walking in the rain.  I have neither rain boots or rain jacket […]


Ways that Perfectionism Stops You from Having an Organized Home

I’m going to start this blog with a small disclaimer.  Although the techniques I describe are used by Mental Health Professionals, this writing is in no way a substitute for actual therapy.  My intent is to present these ideas in an accessible way for people who have difficulty with getting organized to complete household tasks.  […]

delias journey review

Delia’s Journey the Review

Delia had sold her home with our help.   She was a senior we had moved from her home in the country to a senior’s residence in the city. We had spent nearly four months, off and on, Clearing away clutter, cleaning up, staging the house, finding a realtor, and going back in after the […]