Organize Step by Step

I have a client who phones me every once in a while to see if I am still willing to help her.  She wanted to organize her home, but had a lot of stuff, and took me on a tour of rooms packed with bookcases, and decorative things from many travels, and piles of craft […]



When you are helping out a senior who needs assistance with daily life, it’s easy to lose yourself in the busyness. There’s also a myth about having a full day or weekend to be pampered, as though that really is self-care.   No, it’s not. Self-care is the small things that can happen daily when we […]

Helping Seniors Have an Enjoyable Summer

Our Summers here are short, and our Winters are very long and cold, so most of us yearn to get out and enjoy every possible minute of the sunshine and warm weather. We can ensure our seniors have an enjoyable summer too, with a few special considerations. Did you know that as we age, we […]