Delia's Journey 4

Delia’s Journey — The real work begins

As many of our readers know “Delia’s Journey” is about the journey we went through with one of our clients.  Today’s blog is our next step in that journey. Delia’s Journey 4 – It took some time, but after a lengthy consultation with the team, we came up with what I thought was a reasonable […]

Organize your Kitchen

How to Organize Your Kitchen in a Distracted Way

In a perfect World, we would have time to get everything right the first time. We would be able to complete organizing a room just the way we are “supposed to.” Life is rarely perfect, and it is often hard to get the tools, time, and motivation altogether.  So, I help people to get it […]

Delia’s Journey — The real work is about to begin

Delia’s Journey 3- It had been about 6 weeks… Since Delia had contacted me to begin the process of moving from and downsizing her home. During that time, she had numerous misgivings and second thoughts about what she was considering, made more challenging by the remarks and opinions of various family members and friends.  One […]