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How to Keep Clutter Out of Your Home

I was in a big box store the other day, and noticed they were having a “Home Organizing Sale!”  Piled up behind the sign were big plastic totes and multiple baskets of every size and colour. There were labels, tape, and markers to keep it all tidy. I watched a lady with a determined look on […]


Renovations: How to buy a new toilet seat.

About ten years ago, I did a bunch of home renovations to spruce up my old house which had been used as a rental for years before I bought it. It had interesting bathroom fixtures, which included a green tub, a blue tub, and various coloured toilets and sinks.   All were badly chipped and […]

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Why it’s okay to get Help with a Clear out

I met with a lady a while ago, who wanted to clear out her Father’s house after he passed away.  Her family kept telling her she should “just get rid of it all”, and “it can’t be that hard”. She was also struggling with some health issues, and the combination made her angry and sad.  […]