A Fresh Beginning

Thinking about the New Year. As I was headed to the gym I started to think about how everyone starts the new year with a “New Year Resolution“. Every year I hear: I want to lose weight I want to get in shape I want to get better organized And everyone has a plan: New […]

An Organized Morning with Children

An Organized Morning with your children is your dream.  Smooth mornings and homecomings just are not happening.   Your precious children come in the door and being kids, drop their things off where ever they want and forget all about it till the next morning.   You have dreams of organizing their areas of the house so […]


The very first thing to do in order to truly organize a space, or room, is to have a clear vision of what you want to be doing in that room.    “It’s a bedroom,” you say.  “Not that hard to understand.”   Rooms are sorted by function, not designation.  Builders and architects, design homes […]