The Reality of the Value of Collectibles

I spend a lot of time in other people’s houses.  They always want me to take a tour of their rooms and furniture.  But the highlight is always their collectibles. Hand painted plates are displayed in large wooden cabinets.  Crystal glasses, enough to have a really great party, as well as punch bowls.  I have […]

How to Organize Paper

Most of the information out there, tells you to grab the neverending flood of wood pulp that forces its way into your house, as it comes in, and you are to deal with it immediately. NO! Why?  Because people are terrible at making decisions.  Any decisions.  If you are just getting home at the end […]

decluttering nail care

Decluttering Little Things

Sometimes, decluttering a big project can be overwhelming. Clearing out the basement or garage, is a daunting task, even when you are rested, have all your equipment in place, and hopefully, your team of eager volunteers. But there are times when your energy is flagging, or the weather is uncooperative, and you just can’t get […]